Let Our Aging Life Care Specialist Navigate the Complex Issues of Aging

Aging Life Care is a program assisting families and individuals, as well as other professionals, to find indispensable and critical help for people facing the complex issue of aging. With 76 million baby boomers now reaching their 60’s, Susan Williams Photo Croppedwe understand that this population is varied and so are their needs. Hilltop offers more services and options than ever before, allowing people to live longer, youthful lives upon entering the “years of retirement.” However, navigating these choices can be confusing, stressful and time┬áconsuming.

Susan, having a national certification in Aging Life Care, can assist in making decisions where outcomes feel good and action is positive. This can all take place before a major crisis further complicates life for both individuals and families.

Aging Life Care Specialists are experienced problem-solvers. They provide in-depth assessments covering areas of health, finances, housing, family, local resources, advocacy, legal issues and crisis intervention. Susan is adept at building personal relationships with clients, finding clarity and stability in the solutions that meet their needs, wishes and desires. As more adults in their retirement years choose to stay home, this can create unique challenges where the concerns of family members conflict with the wishes of their loved ones. Susan has the ability to act as a neutral third party, arriving at a solution that works for everyone.

“Building trust and relationships through an honest conversation is key in finding solutions and relief, states Susan. The relationship Susan establishes can be short or long term, with the goal to always meet the needs of the client and the family by making unbiased recommendations. Continual assessment and on-going monitoring is often an added reassurance.

Aging Life Care Specialists can assist in timely recommendations for home health care or other community resources. To meet these needs in the Grand Valley, Hilltop Home Care has developed a full range of services that allow seniors to remain safe and independent in their home.

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